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 Preserve your story

The best photographs tell a story without the need for words. They take you back to the exact moment, reminding you exactly how you felt. They aren’t trendy or popular, but they are perfectly you. My style isn’t fluffy or flashy, it isn’t full of props or costumes. It is about your connection and your story and being able to step back into that moment twenty years from now. These aren’t just photos for today, to get buried in your news feed. They are stories to tell and memories to pass along.

Hey there, I’m Danielle, a photographer focusing on motherhood and family portraits. A wrap yourself in a cozy blanket lay by the crackling fire kind of girl. A lover of hot bubble baths on a chilly day and wine on the couch on a Friday night. My roots were grown in the Boston suburbs, a place near and dear to my heart, but I've moved west living just north of downtown San Diego! 

I’m a believer in the printed product, lover of snail mail, and determined to get images off my camera and into your home. Your images deserve to be matted and framed, filling pages in a hardcover album, and to never get lost on a hard drive. 


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