Turn your Instagram posts into Instagram prints


So you want to turn your Instagram posts into Instagram prints? Ever wish your little square digital photos (I still keep my Instagram’s in squares, am I the only one?) would last longer than the seconds it takes to bury them in your feed? Me too. Some of my favorite images have been taken on my iphone, shared on Instagram, but then get buried not only in my own feed but with the thousands of other photos getting posted daily.

I’ll admit, some of my posts are garbage and I hope they never see the light of day, but the delicate few I am proud of I have certainly taken to the printer. Whether you want individual photos or a book to flip through, here are a few shops that will get the job done!

01. Artifact Uprising

02. Parabo Press

03. Inkifi

04. Impressed

05. Sticky 9

If you want to know where I am most often, you better believe you’ll find me over on Instagram. Connect with me here, and if you decide to print some of your images, tag me, I’d love to see how they turn out!

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